Things you can do, now

To restore calmness and reduce the strain on our brain and nervous system we can use some brilliantly simple self-help tools. Things we can do quietly without anyone else knowing what we are doing (no Zen cushion required!)

One of these is to practice checking-in with ourselves. Rather than asking our mind ‘how we are’, the check-ins we need to make are with our body. Even if we feel uncomfortable or in pain this is essential maintenance for our brain and nervous system.

Listening to our body is called Interoception – literally ‘listening to our interior’.

You already have this skill!

Whenever you feel hungry, or notice you need to sit down and rest then you are using this skill, and listening to your body. We can do so much more with it than just wait for emergency messages from our body!

I wrote a blog about it, so you can learn how you can use this skill, to calm your body and mind.