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You can buy acupressure seeds and other Fibro support tools here.

These are all products I use myself, in my clinic.

Acupressure ‘Seeds’

To follow the acupressure self-help program in the book you will need some acupressure ‘press seeds’. There are three kinds (you only need one):

1: Micro magnets on tan coloured adhesive

This type of acupressure press seed has a micro magnet on a square of tan coloured adhesive to hold the seed in place.

This type are easy to use, they are not too fiddly, but they can be seen on the skin.

You can find this type on amazon here:

This pack has 300 micro magnetic seeds, on tan coloured adhesive squares for £9.99.

2: Actual Vacarria seeds (no metal) on tan coloured adhesive

These vaccaria seed ones are the same size as the micro magnetic type shown on the model above.

Vaccaria seeds are non-toxic. They are chosen for their size and they do not irritate the skin.

I would use these ones if you have any metal allergies. They are also safe if you have small children or pets in the house.

These are also the most cost effective, as this pack of Vaccaria press seeds contain 600 seeds for £9.99.

3: Gold Plated press seeds on clear adhesive

This type are less visible and really glamorous but can be a bit more fiddly to use.

The adhesive circles are smaller so it is useful to have a pair of tweezers to apply this kind of acupressure seed.

gold plated acupressure seeds

This is my favourite brand, direct from Japan. They are also the most expensive type of press seed at £24.

The Amazon photo is not very good, but this is the right link for these ones. You will receive a sealed pack just like the photo on the left, with 300 gold plated seeds.