For Practitioners

Taking Control of Fibromyalgia is academically referenced and based on current scientific thinking.

The book can act as a reference text for practitioners treating clients who have Fibromyalgia, and other kinds of chronic pain caused by central sensitisation.

Following science on a natural path to health

To practice healthcare holistically we need a clear overview, and not simply chase individual symptoms. It is essential to understand how interrelated conditions can create fibromyalgia.

Having an awareness of the early stages of fibromyalgia helps us to put in preventative treatment plans for our clients.

Treating ‘brain pain’ (central sensitisation) with holistic therapies

Many of us will have seen a chronic pain patient who does not respond to a treatment that is specific to the area of pain.

This may be a warning that tells us that the source of the pain is moving. Pain can be created by changes in brain chemistry. Treating the areas affected by pain in these cases will not result in good results for the client.

Once we understand how chronic pain can be created in the body we can support our clients with the most useful advice and appropriate treatment.

Taking Control of Fibromyalgia has really helped me to understand Fibromyalgia symptoms. I am recognising more early cases and my treatments are focussed on the global picture now. I also feel much more confident talking to clients about the condition, thank you!

Sally, Therapist, UK

Your book has given me a clearer view of Fibromyalgia and a plan to treat it. My treatments are working really well and so I am now offering treatments specifically for fibromyalgia clients.

Ann (Acupuncturist).