What is acupressure?

The book Taking Control of Fibromyalgia has information to help you understand the condition, and it also includes a new system of acupressure points for you to use.

To create this treatment I looked at the latest research on trauma and how it has lasting effects on the body. I reviewed the classic ancient texts of acupuncture to find a set of points that treat Fibromyalgia effectively.

I will teach you to use these acupressure points to calm your body, so that you can benefit from this research from your own home.

This group of points have been chosen specifically for Fibromyalgia. I call this system VTA (Vagal Toning Acupressure). I use this system in my own clinic to treat Fibromyalgia.

The main action of these points is to gently and naturally tone the vagus nerve and the cranial nerves. This gives the brain calming signals which can help to balance the nervous system.

We want to activate the parasympathetic system (the restful calming one) and deactivate the sympathetic system (the alert and mobilised one). If you have read the book you will know how this is important for Fibromyalgia.

Gold plated magnetic ear ‘seeds’ are used in acupressure treatments. They are hardly noticeable. The adhesive plasters are clear so they don’t show.

These gold ear seeds will survive a shower and can stay on for several days.

Acupressure uses the same ‘points’ as Acupuncture does.

In acupressure a small amount of pressure is applied to the acu-point.