You CAN take control of fibromyalgia!

I wrote this book to help you to reverse this awful condition.

We used to think that medical science knew very little about fibromyalgia.

In fact medical research can tell us lots about why fibromyalgia occurs.

I believe this information is essential, to help you to get well again.

In spite of all the evidence, I continue to hear of people being told that they are ‘making it up’, or the symptoms are just ‘in their head’.

This is not an acceptable way to treat anyone who is unwell. Instead we should be sharing important scientific information.

Fibromyalgia has very real, biological causes, and understanding these causes is the first step to resolving it.

I will explain why fibromyalgia is NOT created by the mind (the thinking part of us).

I also explain how understanding the condition can help us to reverse it, rather than just ‘managing’ it.

To find really good and reliable information we need to use research that has been published, and reviewed.

This book aims to give you a readable guide to fibromyalgia, based on actual research, and advice from specialists.

The book offers you all natural, self-help tools that you can use at home. (Without any drugs, medications or expensive therapies).

I am a practicing Acupuncturist in the UK, with over twenty years of clinical experience. I work with clients with fibromyalgia and chronic pain conditions, so I know that what I am suggesting really works. I am passionate about making real changes in people’s health.

I have designed a new acupressure system to treat fibromyalgia that I am using successfully in my own clinic. I will teach you to use it yourself at home.

This book will give you all the information you need, so you can decide what will actually help you.

Let’s change the thinking about Fibromyalgia – and help everyone to get well again!

How will this book help me?

Other people are recovering from fibromyalgia… and you can too!

We know there aren’t any quick fixes for Fibromyalgia!

But I have helped people recover from Fibromyalgia and because of this I know it is possible.

+ I will show you the bigger picture, looking at the chemistry, the psychology and the causes of fibromyalgia.

+ I will explain how you can treat your pain without using any drugs.

+ Fibromyalgia isn’t actually a mysterious condition, and I will show you why.

+ I will explain why Opioid drugs and pain-killers don’t work for fibromyalgia.

+ Would like to know why you are experiencing random pains all over your body?

+ Would you like to know about new ideas explaining how pain occurs.

+ Find out more about the vagus nerve, and what you can do today to improve your health.

By understanding the condition better, you will be able to find the best route back to health, for you.

Taking Control of Fibromyalgia explains how the condition can develop, and a way to reverse it.

In the book I will also teach you the new system of acupressure I designed for fibromyalgia, and other self-help options that are available to you.

Free yourself from fibromyalgia and get your life back!